Affiliated Organiasation

Envisage a community where there are no obstacles for accomplishment. One where issues such as gender, race and creed have no bearing and the less fortunate can strive to take their place as leaders in the workplace and their communities. Visualise an organisation where artistic talent is encouraged and strong cultural values instilled. This is what Sangeetha of the UK represents.

Sangeetha of the UK was formed in 1991 with the primary objective of developing an affluent, cohesive and caring community. Ever since its’ inception, Sangeetha of the UK has undertaken numerous activities to promote arts and culture and to ameliorate the living standards of many people.

Friends of Kerala association in UK was established for the purpose of providing its member the means of social interaction, mutual helpfulness, recreation and support the community. We bring the Kerala culture here with full of life. We are committed in our endeavor to promoting harmony and opening ways to rejuvenate our culture. Friends of Kerala is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious cultural organization working towards the betterment of the social lifestyles of Keralites in Croydon – UK.

‘Badminton Croydon’ Club was initiated with a view to encourage sports in general but badminton in particular to encourage individuals and families to take up sports.

Badminton Croydon Club wants to give everyone the opportunity to pick up a racket and play badminton. Whether you have played before, never seen badminton or see youself as a star, We want to make it simple than ever to get on court.