Our Vision


We will be a hub for information, advice and support on the key issues affecting the Kerala Community in the area. We will be widely recognised and valued by our stakeholders as an asset to South London but Croydon in particular.
*** KCWA TRUST ***


We inspire community organizations and individuals to play a positive role in creating a prosperous and harmonious place to live.

About US

KCWA TRUST was established in January 2010 in Croydon. The purpose of this organization is to serve the needs of increasing population of Kerala community in Croydon. It is constituted as an umbrella organization with a view to bring Kerala organizations and communities together to better coordinate and co operate their community activities in Croydon. The organization will have a greater emphasis on Education, Health and cultural advancements of Kerala community in Croydon.
The organization is now registered with the local authority and recognized as a charity organization and receives support and benefits from Croydon Council and Big Lottery.


1) To provide information, advice and support to the individual and organizational members in supporting vulnerable and marginalized within our community.

2) To celebrate diverse community cultures through the provision of social events and recreational facilities.

3) To establish a Resource Centre that provides services and facilities to its members and others and is easily accessible.

4) To advance educational attainment and increase life choices.

5) To promote positive community relations, active citizenship and cohesion within the community.

6) To promote and support employment opportunities and enterprise initiatives.

7) To build an effective, efficient and responsive organisation and support other community groups in doing the same.