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Following the outbreak of COVID-19, the Tuition Centre was closed in March.  The Centre will be reopening on Saturday 5 September 2020.  For admission and more details, please contact on 

KCWA TRUST was established in January 2010 in Croydon.

The purpose of this organization is to serve the needs of increasing population of Kerala community in Croydon. It is constituted as an umbrella organization with a view to bring Kerala organizations and communities together to better coordinate and co operate their community activities in Croydon. The organization will have a greater emphasis on Education, Health and cultural advancements of Kerala community in Croydon.

The organization is now registered with the local authority and recognized as a charity organization and receives support and benefits from Croydon Council and Big Lottery.

Trust Tuition Service

Dear Parent Coronavirus – Update In light of the continuing Coronavirus situation, I wanted to give you a further update and to outline the protocols we are following. Firstly, I’d like to emphasize that the advice from Public Health England (PHE) is that the threat remains low for individuals and that suspected cases which result in an individual being tested should be handled seriously but not cause undue alarm. It is important that we work together calmly to manage this challenging situation and ensure our actions are proportionate. For more detail please refer to the advice provided on this government website: As per PHE guidelines, we are promoting the precautions we should all take with regard to hand washing, tissue use and covering the mouth when coughing and sneezing. We are monitoring our hygiene facilities regularly to ensure that personal cleansing products are well stocked and maintained. We are grateful for parental support in reinforcing the importance of hand washing and tissue use as a high standard of personal hygiene is the best defense against the spread of infections like Coronavirus. As per Government advice, any pupil or staff member with potentially relevant symptoms (cough, fever, difficulty breathing) should self-isolate at home and contact the NHS on 111. They will be tested and we will follow PHE guidance regarding cleaning. In line with their advice, no further action would be taken until laboratory tests are confirmed. If there is a confirmed case within our premises, we will work closely with PHE and inform parents immediately.  Again, as per Government advice, we will make a risk assessment and specific measures to be taken, including the possible closure of the centre. These are likely to include deep cleaning and a contact assessment based on which PHE will follow up directly with any individuals in need of specific advice. Where a pupil has temperature, please note the pupil is required to stay at home. We appreciate that these measures may be inconvenient to affected families but trust you understand that the health and safety of our pupils and staff are paramount. In […]

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Badminton Croydon

Badminton Croydon Club wants to give everyone the opportunity to pick up a racket and play badminton. Whether you have played before, never seen badminton or see youself as a star, We want to make it simple than ever to get on court.

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Onasadhya: 20th Sep 2014 Live Musical Concert: 21st Sep 2014 The Mayor’s Fundraising Dinner: SATURDAY 11TH OCTOBER 2014

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“To accomplish great things we must first dream, then visualize, then plan… believe… act!” lfred A Montapert The intention of this initial document is to provide the KCWA Trust Executive Committee with a plan for the future strategic management and development of the organisation.

“Facts are the most important thing in business. Study facts and do more than is expected of you.” Frederick Hudson Ecker

The Trust is to serve the needs of Kerala community in south London in general but Croydon in particular. Croydon has a population of 235,000 of which 25% is Asian origin, Tamils and Keralites makes up around half of this population. So it is reasonable to assume kerala population in and around Croydon would be approximately ten to twelve thousand people.

To be able to assess the level of need and evaluate the trends developing within the Kerala community the Trust must collect and collate baseline data on Kerala community in Croydon. The data should be compared and contrasted with the wider community to assess to what extent the Kerala community needs are met. Statutory and other bodies hold statistics, categorised by ethnicity, based on;

  • Health
  • Crime
  • Education attainment
  • Economic activity,
  • Social and welfare services, and
  • Civic engagement

There is very little data exists currently on Kerala community, the Trust should take a lead in compiling these information from which more accurate needs could be established.