Trust Tuition


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As per our stated objective number 4, the Trust runs tuition classesat our accommodation in 505 London Road. The Tuition Centre was opened in 2010, initially for coaching for Grammar School entrance examinations and extended to all the children from Year 3 to A2-level. Classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays.

We are specialised in 11+ tuition. Within the last four years many children who attended our Tuition Centeattained entrances to the top Grammar schools in the region.We employ teachers specialised in preparing for the varying needs of the children to achieve the standards required for the school of their choice.

As part of the preparation for 11+ exams we arrange free mock exams for children on weekdays during the Easter holidays, managed by volunteers from the community and parents of the children. The Trust provide all the materials required for this exercise. We continue this voluntary work at weekdays during the summer holidays for the 6 weeks with extra homework for all during the time. Marking of the tests and homeworks are done by volunteers from the community. We are so grateful to all volunteers and parents for their kind contributions.

For all other courses, from Year 3 to A2-level, the teachings are conducted by qualified and experienced teachers. For more information please contact the Tuition Centre on 020 8684 4357 (Saturdays and Sundays). Alternatively phone Preman on 07957 569 383, Ajay on 07766 797 856, Zeena on 07727 687 464 or Jawahar on 07426823 210.